Tiger’s eye, carnelian, and red jasper bracelet


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This listing is for one (1) tiger’s eye, carnelian, and red jasper stretch bracelet.

  • Bead size = 8mm
  • Number of beads = 24
  • Bracelet size = Fits most wrists up to approximately 7.5 inches

Gemstone descriptions:

  • Tiger’s eye is a stone of confidence, self-esteem, vitality and strength. It encourages us to go after our goals.
  • Carnelian is a stone of courage and vitality, and helps boost physical energy. It encourages you to fearlessly take action to pursue your goals and encourages good luck.
  • Red jasper is a stone of protection and boosts physical strength and stamina. It activates sexual and creative energy and inspires a positive attitude and motivation to go after your dreams.


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