Black water jasper, map stone, and picasso jasper stretch bracelet


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This listing is for one (1) black water jasper, map stone (gray picture jasper), and picasso jasper stretch bracelet.

  • Bead size: 8mm
  • Number of beads: 20 round beads and 6 rondelle beads
  • Bracelet size: Large, fits wrists up to approximately 8 inches

Gemstone descriptions: 

  • Black water jasper, also known as spiderweb jasper or black line jasper, is a grounding and protective stone. The spiderweb name reminds us that all beings are interconnected, and that we are connected with the universe. It promotes feelings of compassion and kindness, and provides consolation in times of grief or sadness.
  • Map stone is also known as gray picture jasper and, like all jaspers, it is a “supreme nurturer.” It is a protective stone that can alleviate your fears and worries, and can help you feel more grounded. 
  • Picasso jasper is a stone of creativity. It helps provide stability during times of change or transformation, and helps increase willpower and self-discipline. It is a calming and grounding stone that also assists with relationships and helps attract like-minded people.


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