Condor agate, carnelian, and orange calcite stretch bracelet


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This listing is for one (1) condor agate, carnelian, and orange calcite stretch bracelet.

    • Bead size = 8mm
    • Number of beads = 19 gemstone beads, 1 metal bead, and 1 gemstone focal
    • Bracelet size = Fits wrists up to approximately 7 inches

Gemstone descriptions:

    • Carnelian is a stone of courage and vitality, and helps boost physical energy. It encourages you to fearlessly take action to pursue your goals and encourages good luck.
    • Like all agates, condor agate is a stabilizer. It helps keep you balanced and grounded and removes negative energy. It helps remove mental blockages and encourages problem solving.
    • Orange calcite is a highly energizing stone that helps increase vitality and motivation. It boosts confidence and creativity and can help alleviate depression.



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