Madagascar rose quartz and thulite stretch bracelet


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This listing is for one (1) Madagascar rose quartz and thulite stretch bracelet with a rose gold plated shamballa bead.

    • Bead size = 8mm and 10mm
    • Number of beads = 22
    • Bracelet size = Fits most wrists up to approximately 7.5 inches

Gemstone descriptions:

    • Madagascar rose quartz is a type of rose quartz that is found on the island of Madagascar off the coast of East Africa. It is often a paler pink than other rose varieties of rose quartz on the market, which are often treated to enhance the pink color. Rose quartz in general is known as the “stone of unconditional love.” It encourages compassion, peace, and comfort. It helps overcome heartbreak and opens the heart to love and trust again.
    • Thulite is a rare stone that is primarily found in Norway. It encourages joy and compassion. It helps support healthy habits and assists in breaking self-destructive patterns. It aids in initiating new friendships or romantic relationships.