Pearl and abalone sterling silver earrings


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This listing is for one (1) pair of potato pearl earrings.

  • Bead size = 5-6mm and 8-9mm pearls, 10mm abalone coin
  • Number of beads = 12 pearls, 2 abalone focals
  • Earring length = 2.5 inches

Gemstone description:

  • Pearl is formed by mollusks (oysters, clams, mussels) in fresh and saltwater. It has a strong feminine energy, almost reminiscent of moonstone, and is useful for balancing yin and yang. It can also aid in manifestation work. Pearl symbolizes wisdom gained through experience (think of what it takes for a pearl to form) and helps you learn from everyday experiences.
  • Abalone shell can be used to enhance intuition and increase your ability to be emotionally open. It is also valuable for working through high stress or emotional situations. Because of its association with the ocean, it can help bring feelings of relaxation and calm.



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