‘Stay Calm and Raise Your Vibration’ memory wire bracelet


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This listing is for one (1) ‘Stay Calm and Raise Your Vibration’ memory wire bracelet with silver plated beads and a stainless steel lotus charm.

  • Bead size = 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
  • Number of beads = 66
  • Bracelet size = Fits most wrists up to approximately 8 inches

Gemstone descriptions:

  • Blue chalcedony is a calming stone that reduces fear, anger, and self-doubt. It aids communication and helps improve memory.
  • Violet lepidolite is a stone of transition. It brings deep emotional healing and soothes stress and negativity. It is a natural source of lithium, which acts as a mood stabilizer.
  • Sodalite helps boost communication and stimulates creative ability. It also increases intuition and helps release fear and insecurity.
  • Dogtooth amethyst promotes relaxation and deepens the meditative state. It also promotes self-growth and development, and can help you reach your potential.
  • Kyanite instantly aligns all of the chakras and subtle bodies, helping clear energy blockages and balance yin and yang. It stimulates intuition and facilitates meditation.
  • Cacoxenite is a stone of ascension that helps raise spiritual awareness. It helps guide you on the right path and activates all of the chakras and subtle bodies. It helps relieve stress and encourage you to see the bright side of any situation.
  • Lavender amethyst, like other forms of amethyst, promotes peace and helps relieve physical and emotional pain. It increases intuition and spiritual awareness, and protects against negative or evil energy.
  • Blue lace agate is a calming stone that is linked to the throat chakra. It promotes open communication and boosts confidence when speaking publicly. It soothes stress and anxiety and helps bring peace of mind. 


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